Monday, January 10, 2011

Detox Week

I went up to Chicago for the first few days of 2011, and then I flew to New Orleans for the Joint Math Meetings, a giant convention featuring math talks, job interviews (I had two; I think they went well), and an overwhelming number of people and exhibits of math books. I just got home yesterday, and I am in detox mode for the next week. In 20 degree Chicago, I wasn't especially anxious to eat healthfully-my body wanted to build a layer of blubber, and it's just hard to resist temptation in New Orleans, what with all the gumbo and bread pudding. When I got home, I was pleased to see that the lettuce I had left in the fridge was still good, if a little limp, and I made myself a nice salad of lettuce, carrot, cucumber, sprouts, sunflower seeds, and almonds. It was exactly what I wanted. I have dubbed this week detox week. I really feel like I need to recover from the assault to my stomach the beginning of the month has been. I haven't planned my menu entirely, but below are some things that sound pretty good to me right now.
Sweet potato soup, spinach or kale soup, soba noodles, barley and lentil soup, onion soup, crepes topped with salad. Of course, the soups will be accompanied by salad, and I'm thinking about making a nice whole grain loaf in the bread machine to go with it.
I'm glad it's cold in Houston this week so I can really enjoy all the soup I'm planning to make!