Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Festive salad

This is a salad Jon and I co-invented a few nights ago. Jon doesn't tend to go for salads with fruit in them, but the grapefruit seemed like a nice change of pace for the evening. We peeled all the membrane off the grapefruit for extra fanciness. And I think having the cucumber slices peeled made it seem fancier as well. The fig vinegar was a gift from a friend. It's very thick and syrupy, and we were happy to use it for the first time on this salad. Delicious!

Salad ingredients:
Lettuce (both red leaf and romaine)
Cucumber, peeled
Red grapefruit
Feta cheese
Sunflower seeds

Topped with:
Fig vinegar
Extra-virgin olive oil
Black pepper

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