Thursday, August 4, 2011

Composed salad

This was the grand finale of salad week. I think the presentation of this salad was beautiful but highly impractical. Jon put the portions for both of us on one plate, and then we scooped it into our own bowls to eat. This made the lettuce end up at the top of the bowls, which was not ideal. I think in the future, we'll assemble it on two plates and either tear the lettuce or use knives to cut it up while we're eating.

I guess since this is the first time meat has appeared on this blog, now is a good time to come out as non-veg. To make a long story short, I started eating vegetarian about nine years ago for a variety of reasons, and I don't feel as strongly about them anymore, so I've reintroduced a little meat to the diet. But you probably won't see much meat here; I find a lot of it pretty boring.

Here's what was on our salad:

Romaine lettuce

Diced beet

Sliced hardboiled eggs

Cubed manouri cheese

Genoa salami

Green beans

Julienned cucumbers

Carrot coins




Jon made a lemon-basil vinaigrette that was just divine as the dressing.

It was a fittingly decadent end to salad week.

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Jamie said...

Before reading the entire post I skimmed the ingredients of the salad and saw "salami", which made me go "whaaa!?" Anyway, you summed up my sentiments exactly when you said "you probably won't see much meat here; I find a lot of it pretty boring." That's the main reason my family eats a lot of "vegetarian" foods (and hence gets mistaken for vegetarians occasionally, even though we eat *plenty* of meat [well, what I consider to be plenty of meat: 2-3 dinners per week that include meat]). As a side note, we recently got an ice cream maker and vegan ice cream recipe book (I almost typed "cook book", but that seems inappropriate when talking about ice cream...). In any case, hurray for flexitarianism!