Sunday, March 18, 2012

The first potato salad of spring

This is a potato salad I put together to use some homemade mayonnaise I made. I prefer my potato salad not to have much mayonnaise, I put just enough to lightly coat. There are olives to add some sharpness. I think the olives worked really well. The adzuki beans were fine but it would probably be better with kidney beans. It was a crisp salad so maybe boil dry kidneys instead of using canned ones. One note is that I put the just-boiled potatoes in lemon juice and a little bit of mayo to soak in the flavor while they cooled. I have no idea of how much of the ingredients I used except that I used 2 ribs of celery.

New potatoes

Green beans


Adzuki beans

cherry tomatoes

Alphonso or Kalamata olives


Lemon juice


black pepper


Another sign of spring: one of the first crocuses that popped up in our neighborhood last week.

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Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for posting..